Ma Langue Sourit Restaurant ** Michelin - Luxembourg

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After having tasted a chocolate ice cream, Julie 4 years old says with smiles “My tongue smiles”.
The desire to give you this beautiful feeling, was one of the main sources of motivation to open this establishment.
But also you discover products, flavors, associations of taste, atmosphere, all serving as a common thread in our daily work.
The desire of a professional team, who wishes in the care and the simplicity, to make you pass a moment of happiness and delicacies …
Gastronomy means everything and nothing to faith, we want to make a kitchen understandable and tasty, always knowing that nothing is acquired, and that only work can take us further. A restaurant is an exceptional adventure, a life experience, or the judgment is immediate. And this feeling gives us a sense, a logic but above all the pleasure to please.
Cyril Molard

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